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Welcome to another post on andykatz.io. Over the past decade, I’ve been on a mission to help businesses thrive in the digital age. With over 10 years of experience building successful online businesses, I’ve come across a plethora of tools and software. Today, I’m sharing my top picks that have helped me craft the best online communities for my clients.

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WordPress is the backbone of many online communities I’ve built. Its flexibility and vast ecosystem of plugins make it an indispensable tool. The open-source nature of WordPress allows for endless customization, ensuring each community is unique and tailored to its audience.

Why do I swear by WordPress? It’s all about scalability. As communities grow, WordPress can handle the increased traffic and user interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for all members.


Tags: CMS, Web Development

Free Plan: Yes


MemberPress is my go-to solution for creating exclusive membership areas. Its seamless integration with WordPress makes it a breeze to set up and manage. With MemberPress, I can easily control access to content, ensuring that members get the value they’ve signed up for.

Its robust features, such as content dripping and subscription management, have been pivotal in retaining members and reducing churn. The automation capabilities free up my time, allowing me to focus on community engagement and content creation.


Tags: Membership, Subscription

Free Plan: No

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro has been instrumental in scaling membership sites. Its flexibility allows me to create custom membership levels, offering varied content access based on subscription tiers. This granularity ensures that members feel valued and receive content tailored to their needs.

One of the standout features is the extensive reporting and analytics. Understanding member behavior and tracking revenue has been crucial in making data-driven decisions, optimizing the community experience, and increasing profitability.


Tags: Membership, Analytics

Free Plan: Yes


Discourse stands out as a modern forum solution that I’ve implemented for several communities. Its emphasis on high-quality discussion promotes meaningful engagement among members. The trust system in place ensures that the most valuable contributors are recognized, fostering a positive community culture.

Why Discourse? It’s about creating a space where members feel heard and valued. The platform’s features, such as automatic link embedding and real-time updates, enhance the user experience, making discussions fluid and engaging.


Tags: Forum, Community

Free Plan: No


Discord has revolutionized the way I approach real-time community interaction. Originally designed for gamers, I’ve leveraged its capabilities to create vibrant community hubs where members can chat, voice call, and even video conference.

The server-based structure allows for the creation of multiple channels, catering to various topics and interests within the community. This segmentation ensures that members find spaces that resonate with them, leading to higher engagement and retention.


Tags: Chat, Voice

Free Plan: Yes


Slack has been a game-changer in fostering real-time communication within communities. Its channel-based structure allows for organized discussions around specific topics, ensuring that members can easily find and engage in conversations that interest them.

One of the standout features of Slack is its integration capabilities. By connecting various tools and platforms, I’ve been able to create a centralized hub for community interactions, making management and engagement a streamlined process.


Tags: Communication, Collaboration

Free Plan: Yes


Mailchimp has been my trusted partner in email marketing and community outreach. Its intuitive design and powerful automation tools have enabled me to keep members engaged, informed, and updated with the latest happenings within the community.

Segmentation and personalization features ensure that each member receives content tailored to their preferences, leading to higher open rates and engagement. By leveraging Mailchimp, I’ve been able to nurture and grow communities through consistent and meaningful communication.


Tags: Email Marketing, Automation

Free Plan: Yes


ActiveCampaign has been a cornerstone in my toolkit for advanced email marketing and automation. Its ability to create intricate automation sequences ensures that community members receive timely and relevant content. This level of personalization has been pivotal in increasing member engagement and retention.

Moreover, its CRM capabilities have allowed me to gain deeper insights into member behavior, preferences, and interactions. This data-driven approach has been instrumental in crafting strategies that resonate with the community, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty.


Tags: Email Marketing, CRM

Free Plan: No


Stripe has been my go-to solution for handling payments within online communities. Its robust and secure infrastructure ensures that transactions are processed seamlessly, providing members with a hassle-free payment experience.

One of the standout features of Stripe is its flexibility. Whether it’s one-time payments, subscriptions, or even microtransactions, Stripe handles it all. By integrating Stripe, I’ve been able to offer a wide range of monetization options, catering to the diverse needs of the community.


Tags: Payments, Finance

Free Plan: No


Churnbuster has been a lifesaver in reducing payment failures and increasing retention rates. Its proactive approach in handling failed payments ensures that members don’t experience service interruptions due to billing issues.

The real value of Churnbuster lies in its automation. By handling payment retries and sending customized dunning emails, it takes the burden off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on community growth and engagement. The result? Happier members and a healthier bottom line.


Tags: Retention, Finance

Free Plan: No


Intercom has transformed the way I engage with community members. Its live chat feature ensures that members receive instant support, enhancing their overall experience. Beyond support, Intercom’s marketing automation tools have been invaluable in onboarding new members and re-engaging inactive ones.

Its segmentation capabilities allow for targeted communication, ensuring that messages resonate with the recipients. By leveraging Intercom, I’ve been able to foster a sense of trust and reliability within the community.


Tags: Support, Marketing Automation

Free Plan: No


Tiledesk has been a revelation in providing omnichannel customer support within communities. Its ability to integrate various communication channels into a single platform ensures that no member query goes unanswered. From live chat to social media interactions, Tiledesk streamlines it all.

Its AI-powered chatbots have been particularly useful in providing instant responses to frequently asked questions, enhancing member satisfaction. By leveraging Tiledesk, I’ve ensured that community members always have a direct line of communication, fostering trust and reliability.

Tags: Customer Support, AI

Free Plan: Yes



Ghost is a modern publishing platform that I’ve used for content-driven communities. Its clean and intuitive design ensures that content remains the focal point, enhancing user engagement. The built-in SEO tools have been invaluable in driving organic traffic to the communities.

Why Ghost? It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and power. The platform is lightweight, ensuring fast load times, yet robust enough to handle large volumes of content and traffic. Its membership features have also been a game-changer, allowing for monetization directly through the platform.


Tags: Publishing, SEO

Free Plan: No

Open Collective

Open Collective offers a transparent way to manage community finances. Whether it’s for funding community events, projects, or initiatives, Open Collective provides a platform where members can see where every dollar is spent. This transparency builds trust and encourages more members to contribute financially.

For communities I’ve built that rely on donations or sponsorships, Open Collective has been invaluable. It not only handles the financial transactions but also provides tools for accountability and reporting, ensuring that funds are used effectively and for the benefit of the community.


Tags: Finance, Transparency

Free Plan: No


Chargebee has been my solution for subscription billing. Its robust features ensure that billing, invoicing, and subscription management are handled seamlessly. For communities with tiered membership models, Chargebee’s flexibility in handling different pricing models and billing cycles has been crucial.

Its integration capabilities with various payment gateways and accounting software have streamlined the financial aspect of community management. By automating many of the billing processes, I’ve been able to focus on community growth and engagement.


Tags: Billing, Subscription

Free Plan: No


Shopify, while primarily an e-commerce platform, has been instrumental in monetizing communities. Whether it’s selling merchandise, digital products, or event tickets, Shopify’s platform ensures a smooth transaction experience for members.

The platform’s customization capabilities have allowed me to create online stores that resonate with the community’s brand and values. Its robust analytics tools provide insights into sales trends, helping in making informed decisions for product offerings and promotions.


Tags: E-commerce, Monetization

Free Plan: No


Paddle has been a game-changer in handling global payments for online communities. Its all-in-one platform takes care of everything from payment processing to tax compliance. For communities with a global member base, Paddle’s multi-currency support ensures that members can transact in their preferred currency.

Its unified dashboard provides a clear view of revenue, churn, and other key metrics. This data-driven approach has been pivotal in optimizing pricing strategies and increasing community revenue.


Tags: Payments, Analytics

Free Plan: No



Novo is not just an online bank; it’s a financial partner for online businesses. I’ve recommended Novo to many clients who are looking for a banking solution tailored for digital entrepreneurs. With its seamless integrations and robust features, managing finances becomes a breeze.

Why Novo? It’s the ease of use and the understanding of the digital landscape. Their features cater specifically to online businesses, making financial management streamlined and efficient.


Tags: Banking, Finance

Free Plan: Yes


Mintplex offers a gateway into the world of crypto. As online communities evolve, integrating cryptocurrency payments and rewards has become a trend. Mintplex has been my trusted partner in this journey, offering secure and seamless crypto transactions.

Its user-friendly interface and robust security measures ensure that even those new to crypto can navigate with ease. By integrating Mintplex, I’ve been able to tap into a new revenue stream and offer innovative reward mechanisms to community members.


Tags: Cryptocurrency, Payments

Free Plan: No

In conclusion, building a successful online community requires a combination of the right tools and a strategic approach. The software and tools I’ve listed above have been instrumental in my journey of building online businesses since 2013. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing community, I hope this list serves as a valuable resource. Remember, the digital landscape is ever-evolving, and staying updated with the best tools can make all the difference.


Juicebox offers a unique proposition in the crypto space. As communities look to integrate blockchain and crypto solutions, Juicebox provides the tools to make this transition smooth. I’ve utilized it to set up decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms within communities, allowing for innovative monetization and reward systems.

Its decentralized nature ensures transparency and trust, two pillars that are essential for any thriving community. By integrating Juicebox, I’ve been able to offer members a glimpse into the future of online communities and finance.


Tags: Cryptocurrency, DeFi

Free Plan: No

In conclusion, building a successful online community requires a combination of the right tools and a strategic approach. The software and tools I’ve listed above have been instrumental in my journey of building online businesses since 2013. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing community, I hope this list serves as a valuable resource. Remember, the digital landscape is ever-evolving, and staying updated with the best tools can make all the difference.